Sunday, 12/15: Patapsco State Park

posted Dec 10, 2013, 2:33 PM by Erik Thiele Orberg   [ updated Dec 12, 2013, 8:38 AM ]

As you know, we're moving the long run this weekend to Sunday due to the Celtic Solstice 5 Mile race on Saturday morning, where many of us will be helping out. I'll be volunteering as course marshal, if you're signed-up as well let me know if you'd like to carpool over!


This meet-up is a little trickier because there are no good GPS directions. Technically, the address is 4 Ilchester Road in MD 21043. There's usually ample parking under the bridge / at the adjacent lot. Make sure to double-check for no parking signs. As always, plan to meet at 8:00 AM - this time on Sunday, 12/15.


For this run, both groups will be doing essentially the same route, but half will take a shortcut after the turn-around for a total of 7 miles, whereas full will aim for completing 12 miles.


Route map:
  • From the parking lot, cross the hanging bridge to the Gris Mill trail and stay on it for approx 3 mi before making a right onto Gun Rd to cross the Patapsco River.
  • Now heading upstream, follow River Rd trail on the other bank for a little over 2 mi. You'll pass a (different) swinging bridge across the Patapsco, take not of it.
  • Follow the trail upstream for another half mile, your turn-around point will be where you cross a tiny creek that flows into the Patapsco.
  • On your way back, take a shortcut over the swinging bridge, then follow the trail upstream to return to the parking lot.


Route map:
  • Same as the half-marathon team, except that your turn-around is a while further, at Bloedes Dam. The path narrows significantly after here, and I'm not whether if it connects to Ilchester Rd for the full 12 mi roundtrip, so make this your turn-around point.
  • Instead of taking a shortcut back to the car at the swinging bridge, you have the privilege of backtracking all the way to Gun Rd to cross over to the other side of the rider, then make your way upstream on Gris Mill trail to return to the parking lot!
  • If you're feeling like adding some additional miles and rolling hills, try taking Ridge Trail off the swinging bridge on your way back!


  • There are restrooms at the west side of the swinging bridge, as well as a water fountain. No guarantee that anything is operational in the winter.
  • When going into the double digit mileage, please remember to bring your own supplies: GU, Chomps, bars - whatever works for you.
  • Our esteemed teammate, Bethany Smith, is leaving Baltimore to greener pastures in Colorado! Let's celebrate her time in Baltimore and wish her goodbye and all the best at post-run brunch on Sunday. Bethany will be hosting at her place on the corner of McElderry and Castle. You can help us plan with a RSVP via the carpool spreadsheet, under "Notes".
  • There might be some fresh snowfall on Saturday, which hopefully will turn into rain by the evening. I don't anticipate there being too much snow of the trails. For last minute updates, please check the carpool spreadsheet under "Announcements".