Saturday Long Run 2/8/2014 - BWI Loop

posted Feb 6, 2014, 1:17 PM by Emily Clay   [ updated Feb 6, 2014, 1:28 PM ]

This weekend we are heading to the BWI Loop. This is a fun paved trail with slightly rolling hills and cool views of planes taking off and landing. 


Meet at the Thomas Dixon Aircraft Observation area on Dorsey Road at 8 AM. There is plenty of parking and port-o-potties.

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Marathoners will run the loop twice, and half marathoners will run it once. 

For the most part, the BWI Loop is well marked. Stay on the asphalt path and follow the signs for "Bike Route". However there are a few tricky parts where you might be tempted to make a wrong turn. Please refer to the map above to make sense of these instructions.
  • Right after mile 3: The BWI trail makes a left to follow Stoney Run Road (an overpass), and then an immediate, downhill right to follow Aviation Blvd. This is pretty well marked but not intuitive. 
  • A little after mile 4: The trail approaches the parking garage by the Amtrak station, but takes a right into the woods before you get there. This is easy to miss because the trail is on the left side of Amtrak Way, which you have to cross to make the turn off. Turn around if you get to the garage!
  • Shortly before mile 5: The trail forks - go left, away from the airport.
  • A little after mile 9: Don't miss the turn off of Stewart Ave! This maneuver is well marked, but I've seen people miss if before.


  • There aren't water fountains on this route, so bring your own fluids. People running 2 loops will also need calories.
  • It will be chilly with a chance of flurries, so be sure to dress warmly. 
  • Sign up for carpooling here. Given the forecast, I advise that people carpool with others who are running the same distance if possible. I don't want half marathoners to be waiting around in the cold for an extra hour and a half!
See you there,