Saturday 9/28: BWI Trail

posted Sep 26, 2013, 10:27 AM by Erik Thiele Orberg   [ updated Sep 26, 2013, 10:41 AM ]

2 weeks to go to the Baltimore Marathon! Congrats on having come this far, and welcome to your taper. The goal is to reduce your weekly mileage so that when you're toeing the start line you'll be ready to run at the peak of your ability. The most common scheme is to cut down to 70% 3 weeks out, 50% 2 weeks and around 30% on race week. Nonetheless, don't slack on the intensity of your last few workouts - keep your legs agile by continue to get in some speed and tempo runs, but make sure to cut back on the distance of these efforts.

And as customary, we'll be celebrating the Baltimore Running Festival with a post-race get-together at Alewife (10/12 at 7pm). If you'd like to come, please RSVP here.


Let's meet at the Thomas Dixon Aircraft Observation area on Dorsey Road at 7:30 AM.


Training goals:
  • Philly Marathon: 23
    Loop around BWI once but here's the caveat: once you cross Dorsey Road at Mi 9, stay left and cross over I-97 to continue towards Sawmill Creek Park and the B&A Trail. Then follow the signs to the B&A Trail. Your turn-around will be at Mi 15.5, a few 100 m after crossing Waterford Road. On the way back, take a left as soon as you cross I-97 to return to the parking lot.
  • Baltimore Marathon: 15
    Same as above but your turn-around will be sooner, at about one mile after getting on the B&A Trail, at 5th Ave.
  • Baltimore Half: 10.5
    Ignore any reference to B&A Trail above, you will stay strictly on the BWI Trail. Once crossing Dorsey Road at Mi 9, make a right before I-97 to return to the parking lot.
Common pitfalls on the BWI loop:
  • The Amtrak station: if you end up here, you went straight where you were supposed to turn left. Ignore any signs pointing you to Amtrak stations and stay on the trail.
  • The Terminal: unless you were planning to fly somewhere, you took a right instead of left. When nearing BWI's principal entrance, and you arrive at a fork, stay on the path and do not cross the pedestrian bridge leading to the terminal.


  • There's water early on at the B&A Trail (on Oak Lane, within the first mile) but none at BWI. Make sure to refill here.
  • Bring gels! A good rule of thumb is one gel per 5-6 Miles.
  • There are Porter-potties at the parking lot.
  • Temperatures will be great.
  • I'm hosting people for breakfast at my place post-run. There'll be whole wheat crepes but please bring toppings. If you'd like to come, please let me know