Saturday, 12/21: Loch Raven Reservoir

posted Dec 19, 2013, 11:50 AM by Alex Fuller   [ updated Dec 19, 2013, 11:51 AM ]

This week we're running around gorgeous Loch Raven Reservoir north of Baltimore City. If you've never been out there before, this is the perfect opportunity to see where your drinking water comes from!


We'll meet at 8:00 am at the intersection of Providence Road and Loch Raven Drive. There's a small gravel parking lot that can accommodate five or six cars. If it's full, there is some street parking back up Providence Road.


We'll start by heading west on Loch Raven Drive. Please be aware that the road is live before 10 am, so there may be some traffic while you're running. Go across the bridge (1 mile) and past Morgan Mill Road. Loch Raven Drive turns into Dulaney Valley Road at 2.6 miles. Continue on Dulaney Valley Road. The half-marathoners will turn around at mile 4 and return to the start to make 8 miles. There's no landmark for the turn around, so try to ask someone with a GPS. However, there is a small stream crossing at 4.1 miles and Dulaney Valley Road intersects Jarrettsville Pike at 4.3, so at that point you've gone a little too far.

The full-marathoners will continue along Dulaney Valley Road and cross a second bridge. At the end of the bridge, turn around (4.6 miles) and retrace your steps back to the start (9.3 miles). Then continue on Loch Raven Drive, past the dam, to Cromwell Bridge Road (11 miles). Turn around and run back to the parking lot for 12.8 miles.


  • The forecast for Saturday morning is 56 and partly cloudy, with a 10% chance of rain. Sounds like perfect running weather to me :)
  • There is no water on the course, so plan accordingly. Full-marathoners are also encouraged to start trying out nutrition along the run (GU, Hammer gels, etc).
  • Sign up for carpooling here.
Happy running,