Saturday long run: B&A Trail

posted Nov 15, 2012, 9:58 PM by Erik Thiele Orberg   [ updated Jul 25, 2013, 8:57 AM ]
Updated for 7/27/13


Directions & Route

This Saturday we're running at the B&A Trail south of Baltimore. It's impossible to get lost, the route is a simple out-and-back along a straight path.

Meet at 7:00 AM at the Sawmill Creek Park Parking lot:

Water fountains are operational, but consider bringing water (a handheld water bottle works just fine). And if you're going further than a half marathon, I recommend taking gels.

Half marathon training

Your mileage goal is 8 Mi, but if you're feeling good, don't be shy about running an extra mile or two.

Marathon training

For everyone else, goal mileage this week is 14 Mi, which should be easily manageable if you ran Patuxent last week. Turn-around is approx. at the B&A Trail park headquarters.

Remember to sign-up on our carpooling spreadsheet if you need or are giving a ride:

See you out there!