9/26/2015: C&O Canal

posted Sep 23, 2015, 7:55 AM by Sarah Ouadah
We're 3 weeks away from the Baltimore Running Festival, so we're running our longest and most important training run this Saturday! As is our custom, we'll be making a trip to the beautiful C&O Canal Towpath to help the miles pass quickly. 


Meet at the Carderock Recreation Area at our usual 8 AM. (Yep, this means an early start from Baltimore. It's worth it!) As you drive into the park, there will be 3 parking lots on your left. Go to the first one, which conveniently has a bathroom. Call Sarah if you have any trouble finding the location.



The canal is an out-and-back, so no getting lost on this one! Here is a map of the whopping 22 miles that full marathoners will traverse. Half marathoners will turn around after 6 miles for a 12 mile long run. There aren't many obvious landmarks along the canal; GPS or a running app would be your best bet for finding your exact turnaround location. There are also markers every mile, but since we'll be starting around 10.5 this will require a bit of guesswork. 


  • For this long of a run, you need water! There is a restroom with running water at the start, and water fountains (and another restroom) at Great Falls, about 3 miles out. Don't drink the water from the canal ;)
  • Full marathoners need to bring something to eat - the body can only run on glycogen for 18-20 miles. Gus, Shot bloks, or "real" food will all work.
  • For a real treat (and an extra 1/2 mile or so), follow signs to the Great Falls Overlook on the way back. The falls definitely live up to their name!
  • If there's interest, we'll go out to breakfast on the way back. Bring a change of clothes. Also, bring a small snack so you can start replenishing those lost calories right away.
  • Sign up for carpooling here. Note what distance you're running.