9/20/14: Patuxent Wildlife Refuge

posted Sep 18, 2014, 2:19 PM by Emily Clay
This week we're headed down to Patuxent Wildlife Refuge North Tract. We'll be running on a quiet, forested road, with a chance of seeing wild turkeys! 

Meet up

We'll meet at our normal 8 AM at the North Tract Visitor Contact Station. (Be sure not to go to the National Wildlife Visitor Center!) We have to sign in at the center before we can run. 

Patuxent North Tract Visitor Contact Station


Please refer to this map - the Google map is confusing.

Head south on the Wildlife Loop and follow it around. It's as simple as that! Half-marathoners can turn around where the road crosses over the Patuxent River for 11 miles, or they can do a bonus mile with the full marathoners, who will turn around where the Loop ends at a fence. Retrace your steps to the Visitor Contact Station.

Full marathoners need 2 additional miles to get to the goal of 14. Your first option is to head south on the Loop and turn around at the intersection with South Road (actually a smooth dirt trail). Your other option is to head east for a mile on the other branch of the Wildlife Loop. You'll have to use a GPS (or just your best guess) to know where to turn around, as there isn't a landmark. 

As usual, sign up for carpooling if possible, and if you get a ride please remember that your driver is doing you a huge favor. Please be appreciative. Finally, bring water. You can refill your bottle at the Station.