8/9/14: West Baltimore Gwynns Falls Trail

posted Aug 7, 2014, 1:37 PM by Emily Clay
Continuing last Saturday's adventure, this week we'll start at the other end of the Gwynns Falls Trail and run towards downtown. You won't even realize you're in west Baltimore on this shaded, hilly route. 

Meet Up

We'll meet at the I-70 Park-and-ride at 7 AM. Yes, an hour early again. The Charles Street 12 Miler starts at 7:30 and will essentially cut off east-west traffic in the city, so we need to get out and get started before they close the streets down. 

I-70 at Security Blvd Park and Ride


We're running an out-and-back. Marathoners will complete 15 miles and half-marathoners will run 8. Like last week, follow the green ovals painted on the ground and signs for "Gwynns Falls Trail" and/or "Bike Route". Before beginning the run, I'll point out potentially tricky spots on the map.

Marathoners: Turn around at the metal footbridge that crosses over the railroad. (You will cross the railroad a few times - this is the pedestrian-only bridge that you hit shortly after crossing Wilkens Avenue.

Half-marathoners: I don't know of a good landmark for 4 miles. If you have a GPS watch or running app, you may rely on that. Or, for a slightly longer (8.5-9 mile) run, continue until the trail hits Morris Road. 

This route is net downhill on the way out, so save a little more energy than usual for the return trip. Bring water. If you're running 15, bring gels, chews or something else to eat as well. Don't forget to sign up for carpooling