8/8/2015: NCR

posted Aug 4, 2015, 12:13 PM by Sarah Ouadah
This week we'll run along the Northern Central Railroad Trail. This is a former rail line that has been converted to a recreational trail. It's flat, straight, scenic, and impossible to get lost! As a bonus, there's plenty of shade, water, and several restrooms along the way. The half marathoners will run 8 miles and the marathoners will run 15.


We'll meet at 8 am at the Paper Mill Road parking lot. It's about a half-hour drive north of the city, so allow enough time to get up there. Sign up for carpooling if you need a ride or can provide one.


The route this week is a simple out-and-back. There are mile markers along the way, just remember that we're starting at 0.5 mile.
  • For the full-marathoners, run to the 8 mile marker and back to the parking lot for 7.5 miles each way
  • For the half-marathoners, there are two options:
    • Use a GPS watch to run 4 miles out, then run back to the parking lot, or
    • Run to the 4 mile marker, turn around and run all the way to the 0 mile marker (passing the parking lot), then head back to your car for a total of 8 miles