8/2/14: South Baltimore Gwynns Falls Trail

posted Jul 31, 2014, 4:40 PM by Emily Clay   [ updated Jul 31, 2014, 4:42 PM ]
This week we'll be exploring one of Baltimore's hidden treasures. Unless you've come on this run before, you've probably never been this far south in the city before! The Gwynns Falls Trail network stretches from the western end of the city, into the Inner Harbor, and south to Cherry Hill Park, where we'll meet this week. Stay tuned for next week's run, where we'll run a non-overlapping route on the western side. 

Meet Up

We'll meet in the parking lot in Cherry Hill Park. We are meeting at 7 AM this week. Yes, that's an hour earlier than usual. Don't party too hard Friday night :)

Cherry Hill Park


This map makes the route look more confusing than it is. However, it wouldn't hurt to print a copy, especially if you're new to Baltimore.

Directions for Marathoners (10 mile route):
  • Follow the signage for the Gwynns Falls Trail. Look for green ovals painted next to arrows on the paths, roads, and sidewalks. Also keep an eye out for signs that say "Bike Route". For the first 3 miles or so, there are also posts with mileage every 1/4 mile. Some of the sections are more scenic than others, but don't be deterred.
  • A little after 3 miles, you've been following the ovals on Annapolis Road, which ends at Russell Street. Almost immediately (right before the BP), you will turn right off of Russell Street onto a paved bike path section (still the Gwynns Falls Trail). This is marked, but people tend to miss it.
  • Follow the GF trail around the bike path and down Werner Street until you arrive at M&T Bank Stadium. You will now stop following the ovals.
  • Turn right and circle M&T Bank Stadium (following the Raven's Walk) halfway. 
  • Make a right onto Hamburg Street.
  • Follow Hamburg Street over the tracks, under the Freeway, and into Federal Hill. Hamburg is offset slightly to your left when you cross Charles Street.
  • Make a left onto William Street. Run one block.
  • Make an immediate left onto Warren Street. Run one block.
  • Take the southwest entrance into Federal Hill Park. 
  • Run up the hill and around the top to get a rewarding view of the Inner Harbor and Baltimore skyline.
  • Turn around and trace your steps back
Half Marathoners (7.3 miles): Same route, but turn around when the bike path section (that you entered by the BP) ends at Werner Street. 

There are no water fountains on this route to my knowledge. There's a restroom in the BP. It's August - bring water.