8/16/14: NCR Trail

posted Aug 14, 2014, 11:22 AM by Emily Clay   [ updated Aug 14, 2014, 11:23 AM ]
This week we'll be hitting up an HMT classic: the NCR trail. Don't be deterred by the name - this "trail" is a smooth, flat, crushed gravel path that follows the course of a now-defunct railroad. There is plenty of shade and water. 

Meet up

We're (thankfully) back to our normal time of 8 am this week. Meet at the parking lot off of Paper Mill Road near Hunt Valley, MD. The parking lot is located at the 0.5 mile mark of the trail.

Paper Mill Parking Lot


No map this week, because it's impossible to get lost on the NCR. There are mile markers every mile on the east side of the trail. For 16 miles, turn around at the 8 mile mark. For 8 miles, turn around at the 4 mile mark. You get the picture. Since we begin at the 0.5 mile point, don't forget to run all the way to the 0 at the end before returning to the parking lot. If you can't stand the thought of passing your car to run the last mile, use a GPS watch or running app on your phone and turn around 8 or 4 miles out. 

There are water fountains at the Paper Mill parking lot, Sparks (mile 3.8 - south of the building), and Monkton (mile 7.2). There is a port-o-potty at Sparks and a real bathroom at Monkton. If you're running the whole 16 miles, please bring a calorie source! It's supposed to be unseasonably cool Friday night, which will be a nice treat for mid-August.