5/17/14: Cherry Hill to Fort McHenry

posted May 15, 2014, 10:56 AM by Alex Fuller   [ updated May 16, 2014, 6:01 AM ]
This week we'll tour southern Baltimore and admire its sports stadiums and waterfront views. I've mapped out two routes, one that is 9.5 miles and takes you around Camden Yards, and one that is 15.5 miles and goes out to Fort McHenry. But feel free to create your own route to hit the mileage you want.


We'll meet in Cherry Hill Park near the tennis courts at 8 am. Sign up for carpooling if you need a ride.

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Both routes are identical for the first 4.5 miles and then split at Camden Yards.

  • From the tennis courts at Cherry Hill Park, follow Gwynns Falls Trail to Middle Branch Trail.
  • At mile 2, turn right on Kloman Street. Turn left on Clare Street and then right on Annapolis Road.
  • At mile 3, take Middle Branch Trail/East Coast Greenway until you hit Warner Street. This will take you to M&T Stadium.
  • Turn right to go around the stadium (mile 4) and get on Eutaw Street heading north.
  • Follow Eutaw Street to Conway Street. This is where the longer route will split.
  • Loop around the baseball stadium counterclockwise and head back south on Eutaw Street (mile 5).
  • Take the same path back to the start for 9.5 miles.
  • At Camden Yards, turn right and take Conway Street east to the Inner Harbor.
  • Follow the Waterfront Promenade to Harborview Drive, then turn left on Key Highway (mile 6).
  • Stay on Key Highway until you get to Under Armour, then turn right on Hull Street (mile 7).
  • Turn left on Fort Avenue and continue to Fort McHenry. Do one loop clockwise around the fort and head back on Fort Avenue (mile 9).
  • Stay on Fort Avenue to Light Street, then turn right.
  • Turn left on Cross Street and run to Solo Gibbs Park. Run through the park and turn left on Hamburg Street to go under the highway.
  • Turn left on Howard Street and then right to take a bridge over the train tracks.
  • At this point you'll be back at M&T Stadium. Take the same path back to the start for 15.5 miles.
If you're worried about getting lost, I suggest you write down the directions and carry them with you. Or better yet, print out the map. Several of us have done this route before, so you can run with us, but people often get separated during the run.

See you there!