4/16/2016: Jones Falls & Druid Hill

posted Apr 12, 2016, 6:18 AM by Sarah Ouadah   [ updated Apr 12, 2016, 6:21 AM ]
This week we're running on Jones Falls Trail, going from the Monument in Mt Vernon up to Druid Hill Park. The half marathoners are scheduled to run 9 miles and the full marathoners 12. Remember to bring water and a source of calories, and sign up for carpooling if you need a ride or can provide one.

For those hungry after the run, the team will reimburse any receipts for breakfast (within reason)!

Meet Up

We'll meet at 8 am at the Washington Monument in Mt Vernon. Street parking should be available early on Saturday mornings and most time limits don't apply on weekends, but be sure to double check the signs wherever you park.


Half marathon:

  • From the Monument, head north on Charles St towards Penn Station.
  • At 0.75mi turn left onto E Lanvale St, you will now be on Jones Falls Trail.
  • Continue on the trail and follow it up the switchbacks to get to Wyman Park Drive (2 mi). Turn left towards Druid Hill Park.
  • Turn right onto Pool Service Dr and right again onto Red Rd.
  • Follow Red Rd to Mountain Pass and hug the perimeter of the park as you make your way through the hills.
  • Mountain Pass will turn into Prospect Dr, then veer left onto Poplar Dr.
  • Continue onto the East Coast Greenway, following it past the Disc Golf Course and the Zoo until you reach Druid Lake.
  • Continue counterclockwise around the lake and make your way back to Wyman Park Drive.
  • Head back to the start following Jones Falls Trail and Charles St the way you came.

  • Same as above, but when you reach Druid Lake, head left to run clockwise, and repeat the loop around Druid Hill Park a 2nd time.