3/5/2016: Druid Hill Park & North Baltimore

posted Feb 29, 2016, 5:31 AM by Sarah Ouadah   [ updated Mar 4, 2016, 11:26 AM ]
Instead of the B&A Trail, this week's run will instead take us through Druid Hill Park and North Baltimore. We'll again start at the John Eager Howard Statue in Mt Vernon, meeting at 8 am. Look for Vitaly, who will be leading tomorrow's run. The route for the half marathoners can be found here, and the route for the full marathoners can be found here.


This week we're heading south of the city for a run on the B&A Trail. This is an out-and-back paved rail trail going from Glen Burnie to Annapolis that is popular with both runners and cyclists. 

Half marathoners are scheduled to run 9 miles and marathoners are scheduled for 17, but run whatever distance you want. If you're running 17 miles, please eat and drink something so we don't have to drag you off the trail! There is a bathroom that the marathoners will pass and a few water fountains, but they may be off for winter. 

Sign up for carpooling if you need or can give a ride. For those hungry after the run, we can head over to Irina's Crepes Cafe to try their crepes, waffles, and coffee, but try not to overdo it on the sugar!

Meet Up

We'll meet at 8:00 am at Sawmill Creek Park in Glen Burnie, MD, about a 20 minute drive from Baltimore.


Half marathon:

  • From the parking lot, head east on the John Overstreet Connector for ~0.4 miles.
  • Turn right onto the B&A Trail and follow it south. There are no turns or trail intersections so you can't get lost!
  • The turn around is at 4.5 miles, right before the intersection of Elvaton Road with Jumpers Hole Road. The distance is marked every 1/4 mile, but we'll be starting at the end (13 and change) and thus see decreasing distance on the way out.
  • Head back to the start exactly the way you came!

  • Same directions as above, but continue on the trail until you've run 8.5 miles, a little after crossing Robinson Road.