3/12/2015: NCR

posted Mar 8, 2016, 6:19 AM by Sarah Ouadah
This week we'll run along the Northern Central Railroad Trail. This is a former rail line that has been converted to a recreational trail. It's flat, straight, scenic, and impossible to get lost! The half marathoners will run 10 miles, and the marathoners will run 18. The route is an out-and-back with regular mile markers so feel free to turn around whenever you want. Remember to bring water and a source of calories for these longer runs since the water fountains will likely be off for winter and sign up for carpooling if you need a ride or can offer one.

For those hungry after the run, we can head over to Wegmans for breakfast.

Meet Up

We'll meet at 8:00 am at the Paper Mill Road parking lot. If the lot is full, there is some additional parking on the side of the road, but be sure to check the signs.


Half marathon:
  • Run out 5 miles and run back 5 miles! There are mile markers, but remember that you're starting at ~0.5 miles.

  • Run out 9 miles and run back 9 miles!