1/30/2016: Stony Run Trail & Lake Roland Park

posted Jan 27, 2016, 7:30 AM by Sarah Ouadah   [ updated Jan 28, 2016, 5:27 AM ]

We hope everyone enjoyed the snow days! This week we'll get back on schedule with a long run on Stony Run Trail and up through Lake Roland Park. The high on Saturday is about 40 degrees, but may start much colder in the morning, so dress warmly, but wear layers that you can shed as you heat up. There are 2 water fountains along the route, but they could be turned off for the winter, so marathoners should carry water. We should also come prepared for icy/slushy/snowy conditions.

Sign up for carpooling if you need or can provide a ride, or consider running to the start for some bonus miles. We will have breakfast at Emily's house near Homewood afterwards, RSVP here.

Meet Up

We'll be meeting on the steps of the O'Connor Recreation Center at the Homewood campus at 8 AM. Park on one of the streets surrounding campus, such as University Parkway or Charles Street, and be aware of time limits.

O'Connor Recreation Center


Half marathoners will run 6 miles and full marathoners will run 12. However, the course is an out-and-back, so you can modify the distance as you wish.

Half marathon:


  • Take the road/driveway north from the Rec Center to University Parkway. Make a left on University. 
  • Cross University and take a right onto Linkwood. Run down the hill.
  • Follow the dirt trail on the left of the road across the wooden bridge to get on Stony Run Trail. If we find the trail impassable because of snow or ice, we'll retrace our steps back to University Parkway, run up University Parkway and continue onto Roland Ave skipping the next 3 steps.
  • Follow Stony Run across Cold Spring Lane and Wyndhurst Avenue. You will pass the Gilman School on your left, and there is a water fountain by the baseball diamond.
  • Take the bridge over Northern Parkway and run until you're at the tennis courts.
  • Just after the tennis courts, turn left and then right to get back on the trail briefly.
  • Turn left at Melrose and then right at Roland and run to the intersection with Lake Ave. Half marathoners turn around here.
  • Turn left at Lake Ave and then right at Hollins.
  • Run down the hill and cross Jones Falls to enter Lake Roland park.
  • Follow the path, turning left at any forks. You should go down some wood-chip steps and cross the train tracks. We will most likely be running on snow. If we find the trail impassable, we'll have to improvise to get in the full mileage.
  • Follow the dirt path through the park. The path forks many times, but they all head in the same direction, so don't worry about getting lost.
  • There is about two miles of beautiful trail running in the park before you hit Falls Road. This is the turn around.
  • Return how you came!