12/27/2014: North Baltimore City

posted Dec 25, 2014, 10:23 PM by Emily Clay

Meet Up

Same place as last week: the steps of the O'Connor Recreation Center at Homewood campus at 8 AM. Park on one of the streets surrounding campus, such as University Parkway or Charles Street, and be aware of time limits. Note that the Rec Center will be closed for the holidays, so don't plan on using their restrooms or water fountains.

O'Connor Recreation Center


Half marathoners will step up to 7 miles this week, while marathoners will have a cut back week and run "only" 9 miles.

  • Take the road/driveway north from the Rec Center to University Parkway. Make a right on University. 
  • Take the first left onto Charles Street and follow it about 3.5 miles up to the intersection with Bellona Ave. Half marathoners turn aroun here. Retrace your steps for just over 7 miles.
  • For the full route, make a sharp right onto Bellona and follow it to Springlake Way. Make a right onto Springlake.
  • Make a right onto Homeland Ave.
  • Cross Charles and follow onto Wyndhurst Ave, slightly to the right on the other side of the street. 
  • Make a left onto Roland Ave.
  • Follow Roland to University, and return to Homewood campus.


If you want water, carry it. It will be on the warm side on Saturday. Since I anticipate low attendance for this holiday weekend run, we'll probably run as one no-drop group. 

Sign up for carpooling if you need or can provide a ride, or consider running to the start for some bonus miles. If there is interest, we can have hot chocolate at my (Emily's) apartment after the run. I live right by Homewood.