12/18/2014: Stony Run Trail and Robert E Lee Park

posted Dec 18, 2014, 11:20 AM by Emily Clay   [ updated Dec 18, 2014, 11:22 AM ]

Meet Up

We'll be meeting on the steps of the O'Connor Recreation Center at Homewood campus at 8 AM. Park on one of the streets surrounding campus, such as University Parkway or Charles Street, and be aware of time limits.

O'Connor Recreation Center


Half marathoners will run 6 miles and full marathoners will run 12. However, the course is an out-and-back, so you can modify the distance as you wish.

Half route:

Full route:

  • Take the road/driveway north from the Rec Center to University Parkway. Make a left on University. 
  • Cross University and take a right onto Linkwood. Run down the hill.
  • Follow the dirt trail on the left of the road across the wooden bridge to get on Stony Run Trail.
  • Follow Stony Run across Cold Spring Lane and Wyndhurst Avenue. You will pass the Gilman School on your left, and there is a water fountain by the baseball diamond.
  • Take the bridge over Northern Parkway and run until you're at the tennis courts. Half marathoners turn around here.
  • Just after the tennis courts, turn left and then right to get back on the trail briefly.
  • Turn left at Melrose and then right at Roland.
  • Turn left at Lake Ave and then right at Hollins.
  • Run down the hill and cross Jones Falls to enter Robert E Lee park.
  • Follow the path, turning left at any forks. You should go down some wood-chip steps and cross the train tracks.
  • Follow the dirt path through the park. The path forks many times, but they all head in the same direction, so don't worry about getting lost.
  • There is about two miles of beautiful trail running in the park before you hit Falls Road. This is the turn around.
  • Return how you came!


The high on Saturday is 40 degrees. Dress warmly, but wear layers that you can shed as you heat up. There are 2 water fountains along the route, but they could be turned off for the winter. Marathoners should carry water. 

Sign up for carpooling if you need or can provide a ride, or consider running to the start for some bonus miles. We will have breakfast at Alex's house south of Homewood afterwards.