1/11/14: B&A Trail

posted Jan 9, 2014, 11:28 AM by Erik Thiele Orberg

Welcome to the New Year 2014! Hope you had great holidays and are burning to get back into training!


We're meeting at the parking lot at Sawmill Creek Park in Glen Burnie, approx. 20 mins drive south of Baltimore. As always, plan to meet at 8:00 AM.


For this run, both groups will be running the same route but half will turn-around sooner, whereas full will aim to complete 17 miles.


  • From the parking lot, follow the trail south of the park east (technically the "John Overstreet connector") as it parallels Dorsey Rd until you reach the beginning of the B&A trail.
  • From here, just follow the trail. It's a paved straight all the way from Glen Burnie to Annapolis.
  • Turn-around after Jumpers Hole Rd for 10 miles.


  • Same as above.
  • Turn-around at Robinson Rd for 17 miles.


  • There are restrooms at the start as well as at the B&A park headquarters
  • There's water at various points along the way as well as at the park headquarters.
  • Light rain is forecast for Saturday morning but fortunately, temperatures will be warmer.
  • Don't forget to sign-up for carpooling!