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A message to new runners

Welcome to HMT!

HMT is a university-wide student group dedicated to promoting personal health and fitness through long-distance running. Maybe you've seen us at your school's student activities fair, spotted one of our posters around campus, or landed on this page via a search engine. We've created a Q&A to answer some of the questions you may have. And if you feel we've done a bad job answering them, please send your comments to team@hopkinsmarathon.com.

Do I have to be able to run a marathon to be on the team?

We inherited the name "Hopkins Marathon Team" from our former team captain and could not bring ourselves to dishonor him by changing it! However, you should think of us as the "Hopkins Running Team", and there is no requirement whatsoever to run a marathon, half marathon or any other kind race. If you like running with a group (or would like to try) you've landed on the right page.

Who are we?

HMT is a group of people that run together every week. We have uniquely different goals and abilities in running. Some of us have just started jogging, others have been running since high school. We share a common interest in running but are united by the friendships we've built and the good times we have together.

"You guys seem too intense!"

We'll not dispute that we have members to whom that statement would apply. They run many miles a week and are training to improve their PR, qualify for the Boston Marathon or run Ultras. They are also in the minority.

But if you really mean "marathon running seems too intense" - we beg to differ! Of course, there's nothing easy about running a marathon. Good preparation is a must and that means lots of running. However, if you're healthy and in a good shape, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to run 13.1 or 26.2 Mi. For the most part, our team is made up of runners who enjoy running in moderation and do so to stay in shape, not to be competitive at races and earn medals.

"I'm too slow!"

Our philosophy is that in running, the only person you're competing against is yourself. It takes determination to train for and run a marathon or 1/2, and that's what's important to us. It doesn't matter how fast or slow you run, what matters is that you're putting in your best effort to reach the goals you've set for yourself.

Are there different pace groups?

We have runners of different strengths, and thus paces. Usually, it works out so that there are at least 3 different pace groups, and most of the time, everyone finds at least one other person to run with. That said, we have our share of speedsters in the group but the majority runs anywhere between 8 and 10 minute miles. If you run around 10 minute miles or slower and are worried you won't have anyone to run with, just bring a similarly paced friend to the group!

Is HMT is a good fit for me?

  • You're an absolute beginner, and would like to try running with a group:
    Check out our Tuesday Social runs: every Tuesday, 6pm at the Cooley Center

  • You're a novice runner and would like to complete your first half marathon:
    Sign-up for our 1/2 Marathon training program

  • You're an intermediate runner - maybe you've ran a half marathon before - and would like to face the challenge of full 26.2 Mi:
    Sign-up for our Marathon training program

  • You're an experienced long-distance runner, and would like to run and train with a competitive group to improve your marathon PR and/or qualify for Boston:
    Jump right in!

When does Marathon training start and how can I sign-up?

Spring marathon and half marathon training starts on November 16th. Sign-up for our mailing list or visit our homepage to stay updated.

I've missed the November 16th start? Can I still join?

Sure thing!
  • Join us every Tuesday evening at 6pm at the Cooley Center for our Tuesday Social runs around Patterson Park or the Inner Harbor.
  • Or, come out on Saturday morning to experience one of our long runs.
  • Make sure to check out our Training section to see what else is going on.

Where can I run in Baltimore?

Your best bet is to come to our Saturday long runs. We run at a different course every time. We're also constantly scouting new runs to take the group to. Be sure to check out our Group Runs page for routes and trails in and around Baltimore.

All running and no play makes Jack a dull boy...

Don't worry. We like to hang out together in clothes other than our running costumes and in a setting somewhat less sweaty. We call it Tuesday Social Run for a reason (every first Tuesday in the month we grab a post-run beer). Need extra encouragement to power through your long runs? How about post-run breakfast?