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Fall 2013 Marathon and Hall Marathon Training

Welcome to the new training season!

Again in Fall 2013, the Hopkins Marathon Team is offering our tried and tested marathon training programs. In preparation for races in the spring 2014, we're putting together two training groups to train for the marathon and half marathon distances.

Our program is intended for beginner and experienced runners alike. We offer the opportunity to train with a group twice a week, and runners can choose to incorporate our runs in or around their individual training plans. Since especially the long runs can be testing, it is highly recommended to do those with a group.

Training days are Tuesday evenings at 6:00 pm and Saturday mornings at 8:00 am. On Tuesdays, there is no set mileage so it will depend on your individual training plan, see Tuesday Run for more information. Saturdays are reserved for weekly group long runs, with escalating mileage beginning at 4 Mi for the half and 8 Mi for the full marathon group.

Our first long run is scheduled for Saturday, 11/16 8:00 am at the Lake Montebello. A route and mileage schedule for all consecutive runs is available online under Resources. Detailed route maps and descriptions for an upcoming run will be published to the website under Saturday Long Run every Thursday.

There is no fee and the only requirement is that you are comfortable running the distances mentioned above, respective of whether you're training for a half or full marathon.

Feel free to email us at team@hopkinsmarathon.com should you have any questions. We are happy to help you design your individual training plan and provide advice on marathon running and all other things running-related.

Our training philosophy

No two runners are the same, and thus we deliberately don't offer a one-size-fits-all training plan. Our goal is to facilitate your training by organizing the single most important workout for half and marathon training: the weekend long run. Rain, snow or shine, we'll be out there at 8:00 AM ready to log the miles with the group. To some, running with the group may seem redundant when we're "only" doing 8 Mi. But before you know, we'll be running double digit miles, and you'll be thankful for company on your 2.5h+ runs!

The rationale behind the design of our Saturday mileage schedule is as follows. First, we want both groups to be as accessible as possible, thus we're keeping our mileage on the lower side in the first couple of weeks. Second, getting in sufficient quality long runs is key to a positive race experience, so starting January we'll be upping our mileage. For both groups, you'll notice that we have four especially long runs, and completing them will get you optimally prepared. Lastly, we're limiting the increase from one weekend to the next as much as possible, so if you miss a run there's no reason you can't just jump-in the week after.

If you're new to half-marathon or marathon training, a good bet is to use one of Hal Hidgon's training plans. Our Saturday long run mileage schedule works nicely for most, but feel free to go longer. We hope you'll be able to incorporate our Tuesday Social runs into your training. If you need training advice, you're always welcome to email us at team@hopkinsmarathon.com.

How-to on running with HMT:

  • If you've joined our mailing list, you'll receive a Saturday long run email every Thursday until our goal race in March, with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas which we're taking off.
  • Navigate to our website and read up on when & where we meet, the full route description and useful tips.
  • Sign-up for carpooling
    • If you got room in your car: sign-up as "driver", add your contact info, where you're picking up from and any extra info (i.e. you can only run X miles since you got to go grocery shopping after)
    • If you need a ride: sign-up as "looking for a ride", add your contact info and your pick-up location. Then, contact listed drivers and make arrangements for pick-up. Please don't wait until the last minute.
  • Show up to the meet-up spot. Look out for me, Emily or Timothy - one of us will always be there to lead the run.
  • Be on on time. We're usually gone by 8:05, since we don't like to stand around in the cold.
  • Have fun!